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Droopy eyelid, also called ptosis, is when the eyelid is lower than necessary and drooping to cover a part of the eye. Depending on the underlying problem and the condition of the muscles, it can be seen as a slight squint, or it can reach dimensions that will close the pupil.

What Causes Droopy Eyelids?

Eyelid drooping is seen as a congenital disorder in some patients. This condition is usually caused by the inability of the muscle holding the eyelid to become strong enough in the womb.

How Is A Droopy Eyelid Treated?

Treatment of droopy valve is a surgical procedure. In the procedure, it is aimed to lift the eyelid by strengthening the levator muscle. Lid droop surgery is performed according to the type and weight of droopy valve. There are different techniques. It can be performed from the skin fold or under the upper eyelid with scarless surgery. In congenital ptosis, if the function of the kevator muscle that lifts the upper eyelid is low, the muscle in the eyebrow area of the eyelid is suspended with the help of a silicone strip (frontale suspension method). Ptosis surgeries performed in adults are generally performed under local anesthesia. The patient is discharged on the same day, ice applications on the day of surgery prevent the development of swelling and bruising.